Credit Card Terms & Conditions

With the various credit card reward programs offered in the marketplace, many of us look to utilize credit card payments as a means to earn reward points and extend our cash flows. We here at Martin Supply recognize and accept credit card payments as a customer preference, fully understanding this as a cost of doing business. However, this cost is becoming ever increasing to us as the credit card companies offer higher rewards resulting in higher fees to the merchants. These credit card payments become even more "costly" to us when customers do not pay for their purchases as per our mutually agreed terms. We establish and maintain our pricing to you based on the assumption of timely payment per these terms. In order to mitigate the double impact of payments by credit card beyond terms, we will be implementing the following payment policy effective with all invoicing dated October 1, 2015 forward:

Credit card payments regarding Net 30 accounts:

  • Credit card payments received beyond due date (but not more than 30 days beyond) will be subjected to a 1% credit card processing fee.
  • Credit card payments received beyond 30 days of due date (but within 60 days) will be subjected to a 2% credit card processing fee.
  • Credit card payments received beyond 60 days of due date will be subject to a 3% credit card processing fee (as well as revocation of future credit).

Credit card policy regarding equipment and high value purchases:

For customers choosing to purchase equipment, Cirrus displays, or other high value purchases with credit cards, there will be a 3% credit card processing fee applied to the invoice.

Please keep this fee in mind as you plan future credit card payment of purchases. Your future purchases from Martin Supply are done so with the understanding and acceptance of this credit card fee structure of past due accounts. Timely remittance of all payments (whether by company check, ACH, wire, credit card, or otherwise) is always appreciated as this helps us to continue servicing your business effectively. We thank you for your business with Martin Supply.

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