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Sprint 3000 is the most innovative and dependable gas dryer in the industry. Sprint 3000’s large color touchscreen control center features icon-based labeling and can display information and commands in multiple languages. It also displays real-time performance data, including temperature, temperature history, and output from the included temperature probe, which can be used to track substrate temperature as it passes through the dryer.
M&R’s AccuSet™ retention-time belt-speed controller makes it easy to duplicate settings and eliminates the need to convert feet per minute into the time substrates will spend in the heat chamber (U.S. Patent Pending: SN 13967564). And M&R’s DynaBelt™ dynamic belt-speed controller shortens warmup and cooldown times and reduces overall energy consumption by automatically setting the conveyor belt to its minimum speed upon dryer startup and to its maximum speed upon dryer shutdown (U.S. Patent Pending: SN 15251547). In addition, raising or lowering the dryer temperature by more than 3° C (5° F) during operation results in DynaBelt™ changing the belt speed to maximum (when raising) or minimum (when lowering) until the desired temperature is attained.
Sprint 3000’s variable-frequency AC-drive motor powers M&R’s Teflon-coated fiberglass Patriot Belt™ with the SureTrak™ roller system (U.S. Patents Pending: SN 15194035 & 15265538). The red flexible bead stitched along one edge of the Patriot Belt rides in grooves machined into the large anodized aluminum SureTrak rollers. It’s the most precise dryer belt tracking available.
M&R’s optional Crossover™ Belt System (U.S. Patent Pending: SN 15264277), with independently variable speeds and instant change of direction on double or triple-belt drives, is a game-changing approach to split-belt curing. Each belt has its own flexible bead and machined groove to reduce the gap between belts to a mere 0.95 cm (3/8″), and the AccuSet speed settings are so precise that two or three belts running in the same direction at the same set speed can be easily used as one wide belt. In fact, the Crossover Belt System delivers such exacting control that one belt in a single-chamber, single-burner system can be used to cure traditional plastisol while the other belt can be used for curing water-based inks or DTG apparel. That simply can’t be done easily with unsophisticated conventional split-belt dryers.

Download the Brochure


  • AccuSet™ displays belt speed as heat-chamber retention time, making it easy to match ink manufacturers’ curing requirements
  • Adjustable roll-down outfeed hood features high-capacity, variable speed exhaust blower
  • Access panels on every dryer section provide full interior access to keep the dryer clean and operating at peak efficiency

Sprint 3000 DHZ

M&R’s Sprint 3000 series dryers are known throughout the industry for efficiency, consistency, and value. The Sprint 3000 DHZ (patents pending) expands on that heritage with dual heat zones and belts that can operate separately or function together as one large dryer, there is simply no
other dryer like it.
Production planning no longer needs to be dictated by traditional multiple-press, single-dryer scenarios. With Sprint 3000 DHZ, operators simply change the side that requires different settings and run their jobs!
The easy-to-navigate, icon-based touchscreen gives operators complete control of temperatures, belt speeds, and belt directions. Job Recall™ makes it easy to load stored ink and substrate settings to help ensure the proper
cure every time.

Download the Brochure


  • Heat chambers can be set at the same or different temperatures, and belts can be run in the same or opposite directions at different speeds
  • Can be converted on the fly from a single chamber into dual 91cm (36″) independent heat chambers
  • Functions flawlessly as a full-width split-belt
  • 183cm (72″) single-chamber gas dryer
  • The large touchscreen simplifies dryer operations
  • Job Recall™ allows operators to save settings for quick and easy recall

Sprint 3000 D

The Sprint 3000 D (patents pending) gas textile conveyor dryer utilizes a stacked dual belt design, effectively doubling throughput while keeping a small footprint dimension. It is designed to address new inks and printing methods such as direct-to-garment (DTG) and hybrid printing (screen + digital printing) and their vastly differing cure rates, as well as traditional screen printing. The Sprint 3000 D allows operators to quickly adjust dryer settings to production changes and demands, meaning production planning no longer needs to be dictated by traditional multiple-press, single-dryer scenarios. Operators can simply change the independent belt speeds and run their jobs!
With an easy-to-navigate, icon-based touchscreen, operators have complete control of temperature and retention times, while the Job-Recall™ feature makes it easy to load saved settings based on particular inks and substrates—ensuring the proper cure settings every time.
The Sprint 3000 D expands on the Sprint series’ heritage of efficiency, consistency, and value, making it the most compact and efficient Sprint dryer ever.

Download the Brochure


  • Small footprint with large capacity and performance
  • Energy efficient dual stacked heat chambers
  • Dual belts with independent retention times
  • (Optional Crossover Belt™ available on lower belt)
  • Non-slip textured Patriot Belt™ controls garments on inclines
  • Job Recall™ allows operators to save settings for quick and easy recall

Lawson Digi-Star Dryer

The Lawson Digi-Star Dryer is an energy-efficient convection-air combo dryer that utilizes state-of-the-art curing technology and is specifically designed to cure digital, water-based and plastisol inks. A “universal live-air” dryer, the Digi-Star will even cures solvent-based inks. The Digi-Star combines color-blind infrared with a blanket of recirculating jet-air. Its compact design allows for maximum production in a small amount of space. Because the Digi-Star is so energy efficient, the warm-up time is only 10 minutes.

Download the Brochure

The Digi-Star is ideally suited for curing digital inkjet DTG prints for the textile industry. It may also be used with plastisol, water-based and all direct-to-garment inks. The Digi-Star is great for production applications where space is at a premium and true convection air is beneficial.

As with all Lawson equipment, the Digi-Star is part of Lawson’s unique Trade-In, Trade-Up program, so you never have to worry about out-growing your dryer. This unit will provide the professional results your customers demand for properly cured DTG garments, and all types of plastisol and water-based inks.

Standard Features

  • Floor Model Design
  • 24″, 36″, 48″ & 60″ Belt Width
  • 8′ and 10′ Long Heat Chamber (depending on size/model)
  • 12′ or 16′ Overall Length
  • Digital Temperature Control
  • Digital Belt Speed Control
  • 2′ In-Feed
  • 2′ Out-Feed
  • Adjustable Curing Control
  • I.R. Combo with Jet-Air
  • Recirculating Live Jet-Air
  • Vacuumized Belt
  • Powered Exhaust
  • Double-Insulated Heat/Air Chamber
  • “Cool-Touch” Outside
  • Direct Drive Conveyor
  • Easy Belt Tracking w/ Arrow BeltTM
  • Heat-Reflective, Memory Belt
  • Reflective Infrared Booster
  • Portable, Easy-to-Use
  • 120/230 Volts; 1-Phase or 3-Phase (depending on size)
  • National Safety Code Certified/ETL
  • 5-3-1 Lawson Premium Parts Warranty

Lawson Digi-Dry Box

DigiDrySalesSheetDTG/Digital Ink Dryer


The Lawson Digi-Dry Box is a specialized dryer designed to properly cure water-base digital ink systems. It is compatible with all Direct-To-Garment printers and ink applications. Items cured in Lawson’s Digi-Dry Box make DTG prints feel more like a traditional screen print than when cured via a heat press. The Lawson Digi-Dry combines powerful Quartz infra-red with a powerful air-evacuation system that pulls the moisture through and out of the garment, while curing the ink itself.

The Digi-Dry Box also cures plastisol ink even faster and minimizes scorching. An automatic timing cycle controls every aspect of the cure cycle. The energy-saving design turns the heat on and off automatically, so you don’t waste energy when not curing a garment. Cure times typically range from 1-3 minutes, depending on ink deposit.



  • Quartz/I.R. Heat + Vacuumized Jet-Air
  • Instant On/Off Cycles
  • Digital Controls
  • Cure area: 16” x 18”
  • Adjustable Curing/Timing Cycles
  • Sliding Cure Bed/Surface
  • Floor Model
  • Fully Insulated
  • Lawson’s “Cool-Touch” Sides
  • Shipped Fully Assembled
  • Custom Sizes Available
  • 1 Year Parts Warranty
  • 220 volts; 1-Phase Wiring

Download the Brochure