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Voltarc Long Lamps


Fluorescent Long Lamps

For bigger signs or longer letters, Voltarc’s flourescent sign long lamps reduce the number of wiring components, sockets and ballasts, while streamlining the construction process to achieve real savings compared to systems that use conventional shorter lamps. Installing 9- or 10-footers translates into fewer parts, fewer outages and less overall maintenance – adding to performance quality and cost-efficiency.

155175 (12) F108T12/CW/HO LONG LAMP
155176 (12) F108T12/ D/HO LONG LAMP
155177 (12) F117T12/CW/HO LONG LAMP
155178 (12) F117T12/ D/HO LONG LAMP
155179 (12) F120T12/CW/HO LONG LAMP
155180 (12) F120T12/ D/HO LONG LAMP