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Custom Ink/Paint Mixing

Many of our customers rely on us to provide them with custom blended paint and ink formulations for those jobs where precise color matching is critical.We custom blend in-house Matthews Acrylic Polyurethane using their Satin MAP color system. Satin MAP produces a “satin in the can” gloss level that is compliant with the American with Disabilities Act. Ideal substrates include: signage components,graphic arts, and architectural metals. Satin MAP is also suitable for use on metal, wood and various plastics. We have formulas to match colors from virtually any other color system including metallics. If we can not make it here,Matthews also provides color matching services. If you do a lot of custom paint blending, inquire about the opportunity for us to put in the Matthews Deluxe Mixing System (pictured) in your shop.



Martin Supply is among a few Rutland distributors that have been Certified as an Authorized Mixing Service Center.

We have installed a state of the art computerized color matching lab using Rutland’s Color Booster Series of pigments and bases with the M2000 Management Software. We have the ability to mix Pantone certified formulas to create inks for most any textile application in quantities from 1 gallon up to 5 gallons. For larger quantities, Rutland also offers color matching services.

Click here to download a Rutland Color Matching Form.

Along with in-house Matthews Paint and Rutland Plastisols, we also offer custom blended paint and ink formulations from all of the manufacturers we represent. Please give us a call for details.