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OpticsProOpticsPRO (OTSP)

Channel Letter & Sign Cabinet Lighting

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OpticsPRO (OTSP) series is one of the Bitro’s premium channel lighting product that is affordable yet still power-ful optical lens technology for true wide beam spread to reduce both labor and material cost without sacrificinguniform Illumination and brightness intensity.The lens also performs as a productive cover for its  excellent waterproofing and dust-fee design.



•  Superior brightness and 155.5° degree beam angle of light filling illuminatio

•  Engineered with the Top Tier LED chips and equipped with Bitro’s Constant Current Technology

•  High quality parts and reliable manufacturing for an excellent performance

•  Designed for uniform illumination with durable, depend-able and long-lasting construciton

•  Bitro’s thru-wire interconnect techonology for minimum voltage drop and maximum efficienc

•  Backed by 5-year warranty