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Indoor, Window Frame Magnetic, UL2161 Listed Indoor, CSA Certified for Dry Conditions
FFG-7 Window Frame Indoor
Neon Power Supplies, UL2161 Listed Indoor, CSA Certified for Dry Conditions
FE1G-3 Electronic Window Frame – HPF
FE1G Electronic Window Frame
FE1G-D Electronic Window Frame w/ Dimming
Neon Power Supplies, cULus Listed Outdoor Non-Weatherproof
OE1G For Channel Letters



Allanson continues to manufacture and offer a wide array of neon transformers. Secondary voltages range from 2KV to 15KV and Secondary mA ranges from 30mA to 60mA.
Primary voltages ranges include 120V, 220V, 277V and 347V.

France Transformers

France offers a complete line of neon products to meet your neon sign requirements
Standard Outdoor Transformers
Self-Enclosed Transformers
Indoor Transformers
Neon Housing Transformers


With the introduction of the Generation III UL 2161 Listed Products, Ventex has become the world’s leading manufacturer of electronic power supplies for neon sign lighting.  Generation III Electronic Neon Power supplies helped revolutionize how self-contained channel letters were made, dramatically reducing sign manufacturing costs and energy consumption by permitting more shallow depths.