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Spartech Sunguard


The first all-polycarbonate weatherable sign sheet, Sungard combines the superior toughness of polycarbonate with exceptional UV resistance. It is highly resistant to discoloration, surface haze development, loss of impact strength and other properties due to outdoor exposure.

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Custom cut sizes from the reel.  Sold by the linear inch.

255499 .118x 50″(52″) WHITE SUN-GARD
255500 .177x 50″(52″) WHITE SUN-GARD
255501 .177x 50″(52″) CLEAR SUN-GARD
255503 .177x 74″(76″) CLEAR SUN-GARD
255505 .177x 74″(76″) WHITE SUN-GARD
255510 .177×100″(104″)WHITE SUN-GARD
255597 .177×100″ CLEAR SUN-GARD PM/2/S
255598 .177×100″ 302-V6 WHITE SUN-GARD
255599 .177×106″ CLEAR SUN-GARD PM/2/S