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Onyx 18


ONYX 18, the newest version release of award-winning software has arrived and is available now.

This latest release builds upon industry leading ONYX software version 12.2, a seven-time award winner for business solutions, color management, RIP and print workflow solutions in 2017. It Brings a new color experience with next level power and reliability and with dynamic tools print productivity for superior output print service providers can prove to their customers.


“ONYX 18 disrupts the status-quo of existing print solutions. This version puts the power of ONYX into the hands of print service providers to go after that big account and distinguish themselves against their competition with stunning output quality they can literally prove to their customers.” – Bryan Manwaring, Director of Product Marketing, Onyx Graphics, Inc.


ONYX 18 introduces new color technologies for color accuracy, consistency and conformance to standards such as G7 and Fogra that print service providers can prove to their customers; and is the first solution compatible with iccMAX, the new standard recommended by the ICC for all wide- and grand-format print applications including textile and soft signage. The new release brings next level power and reliability to the entire portfolio of ONYX products with the latest Adobe® PDF Print Engine (APPE 4.8), a high speed, high fidelity print platform for increased consistency and reliability across proofing cycles. Combined with new dynamic tools for print production and optimized out-of-the-box presets, ONYX 18 delivers fast, superior output for all wide-format printing applications.


What industry experts are saying

“Onyx raises the bar once again with Onyx 18 and sets the standard for the next evolution in color management tools and software.  With Onyx 18’s newest color engine, the impact in printing output is significant, yielding similarly to the impact HDR has had on the photography and television segments.

– Jared Yoder

ONYX is the way to build ICC profiles, the results with this latest version are stunning. The improvements I’ve seen really raises the bar. ColorCheck works very well indeed. Being able to prove color, match standards and maintain consistency helps my
customers and my business ”

–  Ken Stallibrass


A New Color Experiencesection1

  • ColorCheck™, a new approach to process control that enables print service providers to guarantee color accuracy to their customers as well as ensure consistency of output across devices over time.
  • ColorCheck ensures conformance to standards including G7 and Fogra as well as baseline testing for process control and in-product indicators for printer recalibration.
  • ONYX Color™, the industry leading color engine, includes core enhancements for improved black ink combinations that gives increased shadow detail, texture and definition
  • Increased saturation of reds and oranges without compromising ink savings. Special application benefits include textile and soft signage.
  • ONYX 18 is the first iccMAX compatible solution, a new standard recommended by the ICC for all wide- and grand-format applications including soft signage and textile.
  • PosterColor 2.0, a technology first introduced to the industry by Onyx Graphics, uses next generation smart rendering intent to boost saturation of solid colors for added ‘pop’ across all image types.

Next Level Power and Reliabilitysection2

  • APPE 4.8 accelerates processing for patterns and soft masks with super-fast algorithms for rendering complex file types resulting in big performance gains.
  • APPE 4.8 brings spot color handling with up to 127 channels that can be specified and used in any given region.
  • Accuboost, new for ONYX 18, is an iterative ICC profiling technique for pinpoint accuracy of ICC profiles.

Dynamic Tools for Productivity

  • New dynamic tools for print productivity including:
    • Swatchbook quick search functionality
    • Swatchbook support for specialty ink including white and metallics to print on any material
    • Easy crop positioning during job preparation
  • Step and Repeat functionality is now included in ONYX Thrive, enabling users to create patterns with all image types for a variety of print applications
  • including print-and-cut workflows and textile applications.
  • Larger nesting previews to see before you print
  • Nest rotation to match printer set-up.


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Wasatch SoftRIP


Wasatch creates innovative products that help different users achieve different goals. No matter what digital imaging business you’re in, how large or complex your production environment is, or what your printing objectives are, Wasatch has a solution for you.

Read more about how Wasatch can help you achieve your printing goals by clicking on the links below. You can also read our success stories to learn how users are succeeding with SoftRIP’s specialized imaging solutions!

  • Wasatch SoftRIP
    With its simple setup, intuitive workflow, and powerful print controls, SoftRIP saves users time and money while producing excellent color.




  • Digital Label Printing
    With high-speed production of variable data output, support for rotary cutting equipment, and enhanced die cutting features, SoftRIP is designed for digital label printing.


  • Digital Sign Printing
    Equipped with powerful color controls and efficient workflow tools, SoftRIP has the features users need for quality digital sign printing.


  • Variable Data Printing
    With integrated features and the speed needed for long runs, SoftRIP’s VDP Option streamlines the production of customized print runs.


  • Dye Sublimation
    SoftRIP has the tools users need to produce high quality dye sublimation output with smooth gradients and superior image quality.


  • Screen, Flexo, and Litho Printing
    With innovative halftone methods and customizable features, SoftRIP SP has the tools users need to produce quality inkjet separations.


  • Contour Cutting
    Streamline cutting workflows and create cut paths directly in SoftRIP with Wasatch’s Contour Cutting Option.


  • Table Cutting
    Automate your table cutting workflow and help eliminate costly user errors with SoftRIP’s Table Cutting Option.


  • Direct-to-Garment Printing
    SoftRIP has the tools to help users achieve color accuracy, production speed, and cost savings with direct-to-garment inkjet printers.


  • White Ink
    Create non-color separations directly in SoftRIP or import non-color separations from a third party graphics application.


  • Digital Photography
    With its excellent color reproduction and perfectly smooth gradients, SoftRIP is the RIP that color experts choose most.


  • CAD/GIS Output
    With support for the most popular devices in this market and powerful workflow tools, SoftRIP helps users save time, ink, and media.