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Sign Cabinet LED’s

Bitro PrimeTrack Series

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Bitro’s new PRIME Track is a cost-effective method to populate your signs for both retrofitting existing fluorescent light boxes and newly constructed fixtures. Using Bitro’s new OpticsPRIME 24 Defender modules, PRIME Track significantly reduces labor costs.
Offered in standard sizes, both single and double sided, fully assembled, for your fluorescent retrofit needs. PRIME Track is available to purchase in seperate components to build custom signs. The PRIME Track System in conjunction with OpticsPRIME modules is a versatile, cost effective lighting system for many sign applications.

Use less modules, less power supplies, and less labor with the new PRIME Track!



  • LED module based track fixture system for efficient lighting at an affordable cost
  • Easy to use socket end caps and mounting brackets.
  • Driven by Bitro’s popular OpticsPRIME 24 series modules known for it’s robust performance and reliability
  • Specialized track system specifically engineered for both retrofit and new sign applications. Provides better heat distribution and fixture rigidity compared to competitors.
  • Backed by 5-year warranty


Bitro Cyclops24 White Series

Low-Profile Sign Cabinet Lighting System

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Introducing the newest addition to low-profile sign cabinet lighting is Bitro’s side-mount light washer module Cyclops24. With its powerful narrow illumination beam, Cyclops24 is also perfect for use in blade signs and various edge lighting applications with shallow depths. Due to its watertight design, Cyclops24 is suitable for use in all dry and damp locations.


  • Designed for double-sided and single-sided low-profile sign cabinets
  • Perfect for push-thru signs and blade signs
  • Heat sink design for optimal heat regulation
  • Powerful narrow beam capable of traveling long distances and covering wide areas
  • Engineered with Bitro’s constant current technology
  • Semi-rigid wire for easy cable management
  • Easy peel double-sided tape and mounting holes are available
  • High lumen efficacy at 118 lm per Watt
  • Maximum 12 modules per Class 2 power supply


OpticsProOpticsPRO (OTSP)

Channel Letter & Sign Cabinet Lighting

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OpticsPRO (OTSP) series is one of the Bitro’s premium channel lighting product that is affordable yet still power-ful optical lens technology for true wide beam spread to reduce both labor and material cost without sacrificinguniform Illumination and brightness intensity.The lens also performs as a productive cover for its  excellent waterproofing and dust-fee design.



•  Superior brightness and 155.5° degree beam angle of light filling illuminatio

•  Engineered with the Top Tier LED chips and equipped with Bitro’s Constant Current Technology

•  High quality parts and reliable manufacturing for an excellent performance

•  Designed for uniform illumination with durable, depend-able and long-lasting construciton

•  Bitro’s thru-wire interconnect techonology for minimum voltage drop and maximum efficienc

•  Backed by 5-year warranty




Allanson LEDrofit

Allanson LEDrofit 1

Retrofit LED Lighting Solutions  that fit like a glove.

Download the brochure
View the Denny’s case study

  • Quick and easy replacement of T12 Fluorescent lamps
  • Insulated adapter mounts directly into the existing lamp sockets
  • Sleek clean finish with aluminum based structure that allows for continuous heat dissipation
  • Diamond shape sturdy housing allows for a wider beam, angled for even and balanced illumination, eliminating hot spots
  • IP 67 rating
  • True retrofit – mounts minimum 6” from sign face and is spaced at 12” centers
  • Available in two versions for single or double sided sign applications
  • Bright white LED in daylight color
  • Operating temperature: -40°C to +50°C
  • Safe 12V system
  • 5 year warranty

Bitro Lattice 3G Optics

Bitro Lattice Overview
Bitro Product Highlight – Lattice
Bitro Lattice Install Overview



L3GOptics (Lattice3G Optics) is Bitro’s next generation LATTICE Product Seriesfor rectangular sign illumination. Built upon  all the great features of its predecessors, L3GOptics employs effective extra-wide batwing optics that allow for better uniformity, lower box profiles and easy installation. L3GOptics Signage models are offered in simple 4-model offerings. L3GOptics Series shares the connectors and accessories with the L2G series, allowing for variety of convenient methods of installation and mounting. Consult with us to find out which Lattice is right for your project.



  • Optics-enhanced Version of the Original Lattice
  • Uniform Illumination at low profile depths
  • Eliminates shadowing from complicated cabinet structures
  • Optimized for flex-face tapered frames
  • Reliable and Predictable Lighting Results
  • Powered by top-tier LED chipset with LM80 data
  • Highly Efficient Light Output
  • Easy Labor-saving Installation
  • Added Reliability, Longevity, and Uniformity with Bitro’s Constant Current Technology
  • Bitro’s Thru-wire Interconnect Technology for Minimized Voltage Drop
  • Dry and Damp Location
  • Backed by 5-year Warranty
  • UL Recognized Component under Sign Component Manual (SAM / SCM)


Single Sided Lattice

L3G Application Chart with Gaps
Download the L3G-L10H10-S SBrochure
Download the L3G-L10H6-S SBrochure
Download the L3G-L10H15-S Brochure
Download the L3G-L5T5 Brochure
Download the L3G-L5T6 Brochure
Download the L3G-L5T7-S Brochure


Double Sided Lattice

Download the L3G-LD10U15-S Brochure


Lattice L2G Rail System front


OmegaOPTICS (OTS) Side-Clops

Bitro OTSS Optics Sideclops1SIDE-CLOPS / OpticsSIDE-CLOPS(OTSS)

Side-lit Sign Cabinets

Bownload the Brochure


The SIDE-CLOPS, or OpticsSIDE-CLOPS is Bitro’s new addition to the OmegaOPTICS family, a versatile line of lens enhanced modules that effectively address various side lighting applications. SIDE-CLOPS is simple yet powerful housing more than 240 lumens per module, with light spreads at an impressive 10°x45°(1:4.5) angle, making the SIDE-CLOPS an excellent solution for illuminating shallow and custom shape sign cabinets. The SIDE-CLOPS is available in one form factor and 6500K Bright White.



• Cover more area with less modules
• Over 240 lumens per module
• Excellent heat dissipation design
• Highest grade LED and components
• Perfect for shallow and custome shape cabinets
• Excellent narrow beam angle for sidelit application
• Dry and damp location
• Cut every 3 modules
• Backed by 5-Year WarrantyBitro OTSS Optics Sideclops2


Beam Pattern
Bitro OTSS Optics Sideclops3