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Sandblast Stencil

Sand Blast Stencil






Anchor® Stencil Products have long been a leader in the monument stencil industry. These products continue to produce consistently high quality results. You’ll find a variety of versatile stencils and fillers for every application imaginable. Anchor Stencils application from Intertape™ provide superior blast resistance, precise and intricate design capabilities, clean transfers, smooth and accurate tracking and a convenient selection of sizes.


995520 425-P-15 15″-10YD SANDBLAST WOOD
995554 #111 25″-10YD SANDBLAST STENCIL
995558 #116 15″-10YD PUNCHED SANDBLAST
995562 #117 15″-10YD PUNCHED SANDBLAST
995564 #120 25″-10YD MED-TAC SANDBLAST
995568 #125 25″-10YD SANDBLAST STENCIL
995570 #128 25″-10YD 18MIL GLASS BLAST