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Rutland Inks

6-1Since 1962, Rutland Plastic Technologies has developed products to make the screenprinting process easier, more attractive, and more profitable. We developed the industry’s first color matching system for screenprinting ink and our proven specialty inks are accessible through a global network of qualified Rutland distributors.

Rutland’s cutting-edge printing techniques are why internationally recognized brands of athletic and fashion apparel choose us to manufacture and supply high quality inks for their products. Combined with our dealer partners across the globe, Rutland Plastic Technologies is now recognized as a leading supplier to the global fashion industry!

We produce hundreds of standard compounds offering proven performance and exceptional value for thousands of applications. More prints per gallon, no build-up, and ease of printing through fine meshes with the Rutland products make us the leading ink system in the market place. When you use Rutland’s Mixing Calculator you get exact color match each and every time!