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RGB Lightbars and Wall Washers

LightSymphony BT-EX20NBD

Bitro BT-EX20NBD-Light Symphony Linear Bar 1Indoor/Outdoor RGB Linear Bar with DMX



  • RGB full color DMX 512 control
  • Built-in decoder circuitry eliminates the need for external DMX decoders
  • Addressable every 6 LEDs for high-resolution chasing effects
  • Continuous LED pitch between bars when placed end to end avoids dark spots
  • Slim-profile housing enables mounting within thin and narrow channels
  • Ideal for cove lighting and linear backlighting
  • Sleek and durable aluminum chassis design, with IP66 rating: built to widthstand dry and damp locations
  • Integrated power/data cables with quick-connectors for easy installation
  • Available additional accessories for simplifying of mounting and wiring


Bitro BT-EX20NBD-Light Symphony Linear Bar 2

Bitro BT-EX20NBD-Light Symphony Linear Bar 3


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Broadwave LED Wall Washers

17-49 BroadwaveThe amazing 49 inch and 17 inch LED Wall Washers, at under 3 inches wide, are our slimmest wall washers. They hug close to the wall, and transforms a room with their super bright LED light show. The 49 inch and 17 inch wall washers are an unbeatable addition to any restaurant, club, event space, or theater that’s in need of architectural accent lighting, stage lights, or set lighting. This UL Listed wall washers can accommodate any lighting need, whether a mellow one with a soothing low light, or a party or event that calls for strong, dramatic lighting. The sleek and
attractive aluminum housing is also water resistant, so use it in the garden or courtyard, on a patio or deck, poolside, near a fountain, even on a boat: this washer will wow anyone on land or sea. You can operate the RGB version of this LED wall washers in one of three ways: on an internal setting, in DMX mode and as part of a daisy chain:


  • Internal mode: no other equipment is required to set the wall washer internally to generate spectacular color-changing effects. They include flashing, fading, static colors and seven colors changing in sync.
  • DMX mode: an external controller is required, but the number of effects possible grows exponentially into the thousands.
  • Daisy chain: link several washers to one another for a series of special effects that can be triggered by just one RGB controller.

The white version of this plug-and-play LED light fixture is very easy to operate: just plug it into the wall! White wall washers can be dimmed with the on-board control and also daisy-chained to display in sync. The hard-wired DMX cables of this fixture allow you to daisy-chain several of them together and create a massive, dynamic LED lighting display. Each unit also comes with rubber heatshrink sleeves that facilitate creating waterproof power and DMX connections. Just slide them over the connection points and shrink them to fit with a heat source, such as a hair dryer.
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