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LT-854-5A DMX-PWM Decoder works to convert universal DMX512 digital signal to PWM signal, which controlled by DMX512 console, with 8bit gray scale output per channel. Realize 0-100% brigtness and various changing effect. And can control single color, two color, RGB, RGBA, RGBW LED lights.

BTC-EX363RP RGB LED Power Repeater

Bitro RGB Power Repeater 1

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The bitro LED power repeater is suitable for all of our single color & RGB controllers to expand power output, it sup-ports PWM control and can connect one to three times more LEDs by adding one more power repeater, and unlimited power repeaters can be connected together theoretically. The constant voltage power repeater and constant current power repeaters can be connected together, which is convenient for controlling LEDs with different voltage and power.


The Bitro LED Power repeater coupled with our various RGB systems, including DMX, increases scalability and stability.


With the IP68 weatherproofi ng, this repeater can be used in dry, and wet conditions, making it an essential product for all types of RGB signage and lighting applications.



  • IP68 weatherproofing
  • 3 Channel RGB output, 3A/CH, total 9A
  • Accepts PWM controll
  • Unlimited repeaters can be connected to each other

Bitro RGB Power Repeater 2