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Bitro OMX X3 RGB LED Module

Full Color RGB Channel Letter Modules

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Introducing Bitro’s 2nd Generation OmegaMAX RGB module. The new OmegaMAX is built with industry leading Nichia RGB chips, which allows for impressive improvements
in brightness and color rendition. The housing is a new small form-factor (X3) design, useful for installation to tighter spaces and smaller channel letters, as well as all standard RGB applications. The new clear optics housing cover provides added moisture and dust protection without affecting the color output of the OMX. Also, the new OMX now also contains the same mounting bumps as OpticsPRO, which enables it to assemble with ProTRACK, for RGB retrofitting options.



  • Uses the industry’s top Nichia RGB LED chips
  • Provides bolder colors and higher brightness per watt
  • Engineered with Constant Current Technology for consistent color and brightness across all modules
  • Bitro’s thru-wire interconnect technology for minimized voltage drop
  • Designed with high quality parts and dependable, long-lasting construction methods
  • Robust and reliable module, that will remain consitent over time
  • Bump design allows for compatibility with Pro Track
  • Backed by 2-year warranty

LightSymphony EX-33D Module

EX-33D ModuleEX-33D-1

Dynamic Full Color Lighting Systems



Bitro’s Light Symphony Visual Orchestra System brings you innovative full-color LED illumination solutions for signage or architecture. This arrangement of complex color schemes produces a dazzling vista that can only be described as a visual symphony.

The EX-33D color changing LED module is one of the standard Light symphony® systems. Thanks to it’s simple & rigid construction design it can be used in any channel signs and any locations with pre-wired waterproof connectors installation can never be easier & quick.



  • Standard size for all use
  • Individually addressable LED module by DMX512
  • Easy wire connection and installation
  • Can be populated in any channel signs and any locations
  • Great for Flash / movie display
  • Ridgid construction design
  • Exterior application

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DMX Resources

What is DMX?

DMX is a system of controlling “intelligent” lighting fixtures and dimmers.

A wide variety of lighting control consoles, controllers and other devices that output DMX signals can be used to connect to an even greater variety of lighting fixtures and accessories that can be controlled by DMX.  DMX controlled lighting systems are used in many professional settings, including concert lighting, stage lighting, studio lighting, theme park attractions, and much more.

In recent years, the DMX standard is being used more frequently in Architectural lighting projects, including illumination of building exteriors, accent lighting, general purpose building management and high-end residential lighting.  This is due primarily to the high popularity of LED based lighting fixtures, which are frequently controlled via DMX signals.

Martin Supply supplies a wide variety of DMX based LED’s, fixtures and controllers for sign and architectural lighting applications. Below are some resources to help with your understanding of DMX systems and how they used.

Understanding DMX

DMX 512 – The DMX 512 Wikipedia page is a great resource for understanding the DMX protocol.

DMX Lighting – A good article on the basics of DMX.

An Introduction to DMX – A good source of basic information about DMX lighting presented by Phillips.

Training and Tutorials

Nicolaudie TV – Training Videos and other content.
Nicolaudie ESAPro Training Videos

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Sunlite Touch Sensitive Intelligent Control Keypad


Download the Stick RGB Controller Family Brochure
Download the Technical Data Sheet
Download the EsPro Software
Download the EsaPro Manual


Stick-DE1The feature rich lighting controller has been designed to provide a control solution for the most demanding of projects, whilst maintaining an easy to use panel of touch sensitive buttons. The controller integrates a graphical color screen allowing scene photos to be displayed. Easily view the selected zone, scene name and design without the need to navigate through complex menus. Change the speed, color and dimmer using the circular palette. The lighting levels, color and effects can be programmed from a PC, Mac, Android, iPad or iPhone using the included software.


  • Sleek glass design which sits 11mm from the wall
  • Graphical color display to show selected environment
  • Color/dimmer/speed palette
  • Color temperature mixing
  • Touch sensitive buttons. No mechanical parts
  • Touch sensitive wheel allows for accurate color selection
  • Multi-zone microSD memory
  • Multi-room control with 500 scenes, 10 zones
  • 1024 DMX channels. Control 340 RGB fixtures
  • USB & Ethernet connectivity for programming and control
  • RS232, Dry Contact Ports and an Infra Red input port
  • Clock and calendar with Sunrise/Sunset triggering
  • Network communication. Control lighting remotely
  • Catalog of designs including black and white glass
  • OEM customization of the color palette and logo
  • Windows/Mac software to set dynamic colors/effects
  • iPhone/iPad/Android remote and programming apps



Slesa-UE7 DMX Controller

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The Stand Alone DMX controller can be used to control a wide variety of different DMX systems- from RGB/RGBW to more advanced moving and color mixing luminaires, DMX audio players and fountains. The controller comes with a variety of features including 1024 DMX channels, clock/calendar, iPhone/iPad/Android remote control, Ethernet facilities, dry contact port triggering and multi-zone SD card memory.

The lighting levels, colors and effects can be programmed from a PC, Mac, Android, iPad or iPhone using the included software.


  • 3 DMX512 universes in live mode (computer)
  • 2 DMX512 universes in stand alone
  • Network synchronisation for hundreds of universes
  • Multi-zone microSD memory
  • 250 scenes across 5 areas
  • USB & Ethernet connectivity for programming/control
  • 8 dry contact trigger ports via HE10 connector
  • Clock and calendar with Sunrise/Sunset triggering
  • Network communication. Control lighting remotely
  • OEM customization
  • Windows/Mac software to set dynamic colors/effects
  • iPhone/iPad/Android remote and programming apps




BTC-EX363RP RGB LED Power Repeater

Bitro RGB Power Repeater 1

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The bitro LED power repeater is suitable for all of our single color & RGB controllers to expand power output, it sup-ports PWM control and can connect one to three times more LEDs by adding one more power repeater, and unlimited power repeaters can be connected together theoretically. The constant voltage power repeater and constant current power repeaters can be connected together, which is convenient for controlling LEDs with different voltage and power.


The Bitro LED Power repeater coupled with our various RGB systems, including DMX, increases scalability and stability.


With the IP68 weatherproofi ng, this repeater can be used in dry, and wet conditions, making it an essential product for all types of RGB signage and lighting applications.



  • IP68 weatherproofing
  • 3 Channel RGB output, 3A/CH, total 9A
  • Accepts PWM controll
  • Unlimited repeaters can be connected to each other

Bitro RGB Power Repeater 2



Bitro OMX M3 RGB LED Module

Bitro’s OMEGA MAX LED module series for channel letters bring together quality
illumination, reliability, and convenience in one complete package under one

Based on the latest and brightest LED technology in the market, OMEGA MAX LED modules are energy efficient, long lasting and easy to use, designed for use in all types of channel letter applications in indoors and outdoors applications.



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4 Conductor RGB Wire

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4 Conductor CableRGB CABLE 4 CONDUCTOR, 18 AWG PLTC OR CL3 105°C CMG C(UL)US FT-4 Use: This cable consists of 4 conductor 18 AWG stranded tinned copper conductor with a sunlight resistant jacket overall. Type PLTC or CL3 RoHS Compliant. MADE IN USA.