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BITROPower Controller – BT-RDC

Bitro One-to-One Redundancy Module

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In a low-voltage modular LED system, power supplies are the weakest link in the chain. Unlike LED module failures which are often not catastrophic, power supply failures always lead to system wide failure and product downtime that calls for immediate service calls by dissatisfied clients. In cases where power supply failure is unacceptable or extremely costly (i.e. industrial telecommunication devices, servers, military devices, etc.), power redundancy offers the benefit of exponential reduction in system failure rate, thereby reducing risk and cost. Bitro has developed a redundancy backup system optimized for class 2 low voltage LED applications! The BT-RDC module allows the use of any two class 2 power supplies to be configured to provide power with redundancy backup to one class 2 load of LED modules. The BT-RDC also offers 0-10V dimming function and short circuit protection in addition to it’s redundancy function – all in a single dry and damp location rated module. BT-RDC is an UL recognized component and backed by 5-year warranty.


How it works

  • For every set of LEDs powered by a class 2 power supply, the
    BT-RDC redundancy module is employed on the secondary side
    of the power supply, allowing for the use of an additional power
    supply to provide redundancy backup power.


  • Any class 2 power supplies can be used with the BT-RDC. This
    is made possible by the patent pending design of the redundancy
    module, where the BT-RDC logic seamlessly chooses the higher
    voltage of the two inputs to be provided as output voltage to the
    LED load – without any interruptions in power or LED operation.


  • This one-to-one (1 power supply + 1 backup) arrangement creates
    a situation where the only way for the LED power system to
    fail and require an immediate service call is if both power supplies
    fail. For instance, if each power supply connected to the BT-RDC
    has an expected failure rate of 1/1000, then the probability of
    system failure due to both power supplies failing would be 1/1000
    x 1/1000 or One-in-a-Million chance of failure! That is an exponential
    increase in system reliability over a typical set up with only
    one power supply.


  • The redundancy module prevents damage to either power
    supply due to reverse voltage, which can occur when using two
    power supplies with differing voltage outputs on other redundancy
    setups. BT-RDC also prevents short-circuiting of the LED load
    due to typical power supply failures, as it cuts off the failed power
    supply from the BT-RDC output, while seamlessly transferring the
    LED load to the non-failed power supply for continued operation.


  • Creates a one-to-one power redundancy
  • Ideal for LED applications where extreme reliability is desired (i.e. high-rise buildings, sign pylons, etc.)
  • For use with two units of class 2 power supplies as input
  • Exponentially increases the reliability of the power supply system
  • Can be used with any class 2 power supplies
  • Dimmable with 0-10V control signal
  • Dry and damp location rated
  • UL Recognized Component
  • 5 Year Warranty