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Pleiger Plastics Company has been an innovative and leading manufacturer of High Performance Plei-Tech® polyurethane screen printing squeegees since 1986 and is a member of the Screen Printing and Graphic Imaging Association International. Our Plei-Tech® compounds are custom formulated to achieve high solvent resistance and excellent abrasion resistance. This combination results in a squeegee blade that will better maintain its durometer when subjected to aggressive inks and solvents, show minimal swelling during the print run, and retain its sharp edge longer.  This will allow for continued quality during the screen print run, thereby increasing productivity.

UV, Epoxy, Enamel, Vinyl and other solvent based ink systems are extremely aggressive to squeegee blades. Inferior quality squeegees tend to; decrease in durometer, swell, and become dull at an accelerated rate due to their inability to resist the harsh solvents and abrasion against the stencil. Plei-Tech® squeegees are recommended because of their chemical resistance and exceptional abrasion resistance when exposed to aggressive ink systems. Pleiger Plastics Company currently manufactures a Plei-Tech® 22 and Plei-Tech® 15 (Vulkollan®) polyurethane screen printing squeegee.

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