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Ballast Wire

Ballast Wire


212707 500′ FIX WIRE BLACK #14-1000V
212708 500′ FIX WIRE WHITE #14-1000V
212709 500′ FIX WIRE BLUE #14-1000V
212710 500′ FIX WIRE ORANGE #14-1000V
212711 500′ FIX WIRE RED #14-1000V
212712 500′ FIX WIRE GREEN #14-1000V
212713 500″ FIX WIRE BROWN #14-1000V
212714 500′ FIX WIRE GRAY #14-1000V
212715 500′ FIX WIRE YELLOW #14-1000V
212716 500’FIX WIRE BLUE/WHT #14-1000V
212720 500’FIX WIRE ORANGE/BLK#14-1000V

Paige GTO Wire


• Tuf-Hide® Mini Superflex

• Tuf-Hide® 98 OP Noodle Flex

• Tuf-Hide® Sleeveless III   New
w/Integral Sleeve

• Tuf-Hide® GTO-10

• Tuf-Hide® GTO-5

• Wiggle Wire 150 Silicone
w/Integral Sleeve



Eurocom Electrodes




Eurobrite Neon Electrodes

HG+ Neon Electrodes

Rare Gas

EGL Electrodes

Diffusion Pump
EGL Advantage™ Electrodes
EGL Electrodes have consistently raised the industry standards for reliability and performance since their introduction in 1930. To ensure rigid quality control, all phases of manufacturing are performed in-house in the USA, including emission coating, inverter welding shells with lead wires, and sealing and centering the mounts in glass envelopes. Specify EGL Advantage™ electrodes for the ultimate in brilliance, clarity, and longevity.

EGL Tube Supports



EGL Tube Supports

Voltarc Sockets

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Our Kulka product portfolio includes: