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Okidata E-64s

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Professional Quality. Premium Output. Incredible Value.

OKI Data is excited to announce the newest addition to the ColorPainter printer line. The ColorPainter E-64s boasts the low-odor, eco-solvent SX inks and most advanced ColorPainter print technologies, delivering the color density and glossiness expected from ColorPainter brand devices and generating vivid output for banners, backlit signage, fleet and vehicle graphics, wall and floor graphics, exhibit graphics and more.It is designed for low- to mid-volume sign and graphics print shops seeking premium graphic output from a reliable wide-format printer at an affordable price.Co-branded 3M™ SX ink Series from OKI together with the ColorPainter E-64s printer will soon carry the coveted 3M™ MCS™ Warranty. In addition, the printers output has been certified GREENGUARD Gold for safety of indoor applications.



Advanced SX Inks 
Low-odor, eco-solvent SX inks offer a wide color gamut and vivid color saturation for the world’s glossiest, richest print images—and with low-odor for a cleaner, healthier workplace environment.Durability

 Superior Indoor & Outdoor Durability – Stay consistent up to 36 months outdoors, unlike competitive inks that fade significantly after a couple months.*  Includes a 3M™ MCS™ Warranty for outdoor graphics and Greenguard GOLD certification for safety with indoor applications.

Low Ink Cost – SX ink carries a high pigment load, which significantly reduces ink usage and running costs, saving owners thousands of dollars in ink costs each year.$.15 per SQ FT

High-Density Printing – SX inks achieve high-density colors and details in dark areas – at an industry-best print speed – ideal for printing sharp, clear and bright backlit signs.



Industrial Piezo Print Heads

Rugged Piezo printheads with 254 nozzles each are engineered for fast printing and longer wear time, which reduces waste and saves on replacements costs.

Ink Bags 

The 500mL capacity snap-in ink bags make changing ink quick and easy, and reduce landfill waste.



Dynamic Dot Printing Drop size

Dynamic Dot Printing Technology controls and optimizes dot size and density for each print mode which accentuates fine details and delivers rich, bold and glossy colors without loss in speed. It produces good density and less graininess even at low resolution.





Smart Nozzle Mapping nozzle mapping

OKI’s advanced nozzle compensation technology automatically re-maps clogged nozzles so you can continue to print with perfect image quality, significantly reducing downtime and boosting productivity.

Smart Pass  

Eliminates banding, reduces graininess in halftone areas and produces smooth skin tone images for exceptional print quality at high speeds, on various media.

Automatic Print AdjustmentAutomatic Print Adjustment

Optical sensors automatically perform both media advance and bi-directional position adjustment, ensuring high-quality printing even for first-time users.




SSS – Safe Scanning Systemsensing system

This sensing system detects when there is contact between the print heads and the media, allowing the operator to make adjustments during the print run without canceling it, helping reduce ink and media waste, while improving efficiency and productivity.




CP Manager Controller Software cp_manager_gamen

Developed specifically for ColorPainter printers, CP Manager allows users to operate the printer from a PC, as well as communicate with the printer via email and Twitter.

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ColorPainter E-64s vs HP Latex

Okidata M-64s

icon_tcm75-133551_w336EXCEPTIONAL QUALITY

Ideal for a wide range of indoor and outdoor applications, the low-odor, eco-solvent SX inks offer a wide color gamut and vivid color saturation for consistently vibrant, glossy print images—and with low odor for a cleaner, healthier workplace environment.

Superior Indoor & Outdoor Durability

  • Get the most durable outdoor graphics on the market and stay consistent up to 36 months outdoors without lamination, unlike competitive inks that fade significantly after a couple months.
  • Provides the longest 3M™ MCS™ Warranty for vehicle/fleet graphics in its class. The superior ink penetration makes it ideal for wrapping vehicles of all sizes.
  • GREENGUARD Gold certified for safety of indoor applications in sensitive environments.

High Density Printing

  • The high-viscosity SX inks can achieve exceptional color density and details in dark areas at industry-best print speed—ideal for printing sharp, impressive backlit signs.
  • ColorPainter printers maintain the same color density, even as speed increases, thanks to DDP Technology.

Fine Detail Printing

  • Produces photo-realistic, glossy poster prints on white or photo paper with full, bright color gamut
  • The 7-color model with gray ink creates real monchrome images without color shifts and produces smooth gradients.


Developed specifically to address demand for high quality and productivity in the wide format outdoor signage and indoor graphics markets.

  • Industrial Piezo printheads are engineered for constant, precise drop control at ultra-fast printing speeds. With longer wear time, they reduce waste and saves on replacement costs.
  • Top print speed on banners of up to 716 ft²/h with quality results
  • Excellent image quality on PVC at 356 ft²/hr production print mode.
  • ColorPainter printers provide faster high-density print modes than competitors so you get quality prints in quick turn-time.
  • Large 1.5-liter capacity ink bags and built-in sub tanks allow operators to easily replace ink without interrupting print jobs.
  • Air flow system and large post heater accelerate drying to ensure safe winding using the take-up unit in all print modes.


The ColorPainter M-64s features Dynamic Dot Printing (DDP) Technology and Smart Pass (SP4) Technology together with industrial Piezo printheads to deliver consistently rich, glossy colors with fine details and superior quality.

  • Dynamic Dot Printing (DDP) Technology controls and optimizes dot size and density for each print mode which accentuates fine details and delivers rich, bold and glossy colors without sacrificing speed.
  • Smart Pass (SP4) Technology delivers fine image quality for skin tones and smooth gradients at high speeds, on various media.
  • Smart Nozzle Mapping (SNM3) Technology is an advanced nozzle compensation technology that automatically re-maps clogged nozzles so you can continue to print with perfect image quality, significantly reducing downtime and boosting productivity.
  • The built-in ionizer neutralizes static electricity to eliminate static-related print issues, even in low humidity environments or on sensitive media.
  • Media lifter included for easy loading and unloading of media rolls up to 110 lbs.
  • Professional roll to roll winding system with precise media feed.


Save time and money with low ink costs, easy-to-operate features and reliable performance.

  • Significantly lower ink costs than competitors, can save owners thousands of dollars each year.
  • The automatic print adjustment feature uses optical sensors to automatically perform both media advance and bi-directional position adjustment, ensuring high-quality printing even for first-time operators.
  • The intuitive CP Manager controller software allows users to operate and monitor the printer from a PC.
  • ONYX RipCenter software is included with printer purchase to provide the control and simplicity needed to get started in wide-format print production.
  • Printheads are covered as part of the hardware under a 3-year parts warranty.

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ColorPainter M-64s Traffic Printer

Exceed every expectation with rich print quality and 10-year durability.


Whether you print highway signs, street signs or other signage, only the industrial ColorPainter M-64s Traffic Printer with Nikkalite® traffic media will provide a cost-effective solution and maximum durability.
Its SX eco-solvent, low-odor inks can achieve the six specified traffic colors and at the same time provide full-color graphic images that deliver rich saturated color, excellent transparency and exceptional outdoor durability.


  • 10-year performance guarantee—meets ASTM standard and MUTCD compliant
  • Custom sign production flexibility
  • Rugged Piezo printheads engineered for longer wear time
  • Low odor for better workplace environment
  • Smart investment—low start-up costs, quick ROI
  • Local service through a network of authorized distributors


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Okidata H2P-104s/H2P-74s

The ColorPainter H2P-104s/H2P-74s offers a high capacity 4 color ink system, and new value priced VX inks to reduce the TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) for high volume sign makers.

high productivity

Dynamic Dot Printing Technology

logo Dynamic Dot Printing TechnologyDynamically processing each color into 3 drop sizes “on-the-fly” requires high-speed processing within the printer. DDP delivers maximum image quality while maintaining proper color densities even at the highest speed of 79.5 m2/h (856 sfph) *. OKI Data Infotech’ exclusive DDP technology produces superior smooth gradients and lush rich colors at all print speeds and every resolution.
* Print speed of ColorPainter H2P-104s, with Smart Pass Technology to Medium.

Dynamic Dot Printing Technology


Large Capacity Ink Reservoir

Large Capacity Ink Reservoir


Easy-to-replenish reservoirs hold 8 liters of inks per
color, freeing you from worrying about guarding remaining ink amounts during round-the-clock operations.





New VX ink

VX 3-liter bottle ink set (4-colors)
VX 3-liter cartridge ink set (4-colors)VX inks are specially formulated for the ColorPainter H2P-104s/H2P-74s to achieve high speed printing while keeping practical durability and competitive price.






Smart Nozzle Mapping *

logo Smart Nozzle MappingThis innovative nozzle compensation function re-maps clogged nozzles so you can continue to print with perfect image quality. This unique technology works with no speed loss unlike the other nozzle compensation systems. Smart Nozzle Mapping can significantly reduce downtime and increase your productivity.
* This function does not guarantee image quality improvement under any print conditions. In case this function does not work effectively, print head replacement or other measures may be necessary.



logo CP_ManagerCP Manager software allows you to monitor printer status, change print settings, check ink levels, or see suggested maintenance on your PC. Operation and troubleshooting guides are also available through CP_Manager. Its intuitive interface makes printer control easy even for a first-time user of ColorPainter Series.
Screenshot of CP_Manager for  ColorPainter W-64s/W-54s


Smart Pass Technology 3

logo Smart Pass Technology 3The ColorPainter’s exclusive Smart Pass Technology has evolved to its next stage. Smart Pass Technology 3 uses the most advanced algorithms and improved mask patterns to reduce overspray and eliminate pass-to-pass banding.


Maximum quality mode supports 900 dpi

Achieving 900 dpi at the maximum quality mode, the ColorPainter H2P-104s/H2P-74s offers unparalleled image quality with less graininess.



Expanded application versatility

With the proven high density inks, the ColorPainter H2P-104s/H2P-74s provides expanded indoor and outdoor application versatility. Not to mention the super high speed print on large banners, the printer is capable of printing highly precise indoor graphics, backlit banners, mesh banner without liners, and double-sided prints.
* Mesh print requires optional mesh printing kit.

Mesh Printing Kit *

Optional mesh print ink tray enables printing on mesh banner without liner.* Expected image quality is not guaranteed due to the slight individual difference among the printers and media. Be sure to perform test print beforehand. OKI Data Infotech does not guarantee all mesh banners are printable with the printer.Existing Mesh Print / Mesh Printing kit

Double-Sided Printing Support *

Alignment line is printed to support double-sided printing. You can easily align the reverse side and face side along the lines.* Alignment of double-sided printing may be affected by media settings and media advance adjustment. Double-sided print can’t be used with permeable media like flexible face materials. Please consult  with OKI Data Infotech for details.Double-sided Printing image


Seiko H2-74s/H2-104s

The ColorPainter H2-104s/H2-74s high-speed series coupled with improved reliability evolved to the top of the line of wide format printers.


The Fastest Printer in Its Class *1

Print speed graph
Integrating the Smart Pass Technology 3 with Dynamic Dot Printing Technology, the ColorPainter H2-104s/H2-74s prints revolutionary higher quality image while maintaining the high print speed of its predecessor. The fastest print mode achieves 50 m2/h (538 sfph)(8-color mode). The printer is best suited for large format banners and high volume printing in short turnaround times. *1: Among solvent inkjet printers that cost less than 10 million JPY as of Sep. 2011.
*2: Print speed of Color Painter H2-104s, with Smart Pass Technology to Low, on 2642 mm wide media. Read the rest of this entry »