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We offer full lines of primers, topcoats and clear coats in three innovative sign paint lines: Conventional MAP, Low SVOC MAP, and Ultra Low VOC MAP. At 0.42 lbs/gal, our new Ultra Low VOC sign paint exceeds even the most stringent environmental regulations while providing you with the durability and color selection that you have come to know from Matthews Paint. Matthews Converter additive allows Base Coat speed without the need to change mixing systems or to keep additional inventory.

All of our sign paint lines are available in over 70,000 colors, including metallics and pearls. Most formulas in our database can be mixed in-house with a Matthews Paint mix station with the lowest intermix inventory used in the sign industry. Matthews Paint is available in a variety of gloss finishes and has the largest selection of 6H-compliant primers that can be applied over almost any substrate used in the sign market.

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