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GlacierWhite Acrylic

Bitro GlacierWhite Acrylic

CombinedGlacierWhite Acrylic

1¼” Thick Cast White Acrylic
For Low Profile Signage and Architectural Applications

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Glacier White Acrylic & Tracer Installation Guide
TRACER RESNO Conformal Coating Manual


Bitro’s GlacierWhite Acrylic was originally designed and developed for premium Resno letters. With the increased popularity, we now offer sign fabricators the ability to create their own low profile infinity edge/rimless sign letters by using Bitro’s Tracer LED and InfiniteWhite Acrylic, guided by our vast manufacturing experience…truly a winning combination.

The GlacierWhite Acrylic is optimized for excellent uniform light diffusion that allows for stunning face-lit, face-halo and/or illuminated return applications without hotspots that is usually associated with this type of letter construction.