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LightSymphony EX-33D Module

LightSymphony EX-33D Module

EX-33D ModuleEX-33D-1

Dynamic Full Color Lighting Systems



Bitro’s Light Symphony Visual Orchestra System brings you innovative full-color LED illumination solutions for signage or architecture. This arrangement of complex color schemes produces a dazzling vista that can only be described as a visual symphony.

The EX-33D color changing LED module is one of the standard Light symphony® systems. Thanks to it’s simple & rigid construction design it can be used in any channel signs and any locations with pre-wired waterproof connectors installation can never be easier & quick.



  • Standard size for all use
  • Individually addressable LED module by DMX512
  • Easy wire connection and installation
  • Can be populated in any channel signs and any locations
  • Great for Flash / movie display
  • Ridgid construction design
  • Exterior application

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