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Encapsulite Sleeves


Graphic Arts &

Darkroom Safelights

Safelight Facts

“Safelight” is defined as the room light illumination that will not fog photographic materials during the time period required for normal handling and processing. The type of safelight recommended provides the maximum illumination, to which the photographic materials have the lowest sensitivity.

Graphic Arts & Darkroom Safelights provide an overall and shadow free illumination causing less eyestrain and consequently a better working environment. The “fade-free” filters for our graphic arts and darkroom safelights are designed for long life. EncapSulite filters are subject to a 10,000 hour accelerated ultra violet ageing test to verify the dyes are “fade-free.” In the unlikely event of tube breakage, the EncapSulite shield is designed to contain the glass fragments and protect personnel and valuable equipment.

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