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Introducing Bitro’s new and exclusive flexible and “bendable”, or “traceable” tape type LED lighting modules. Bitro’s TRACER is bendable both vertically AND horizontally without excessively straining the circuit, offering a tremendous amount of freedom and flexibility in laying out LEDs in continuous lines for extremely narrow channel letter lighting applications, taking the conventional bulky channel letters to a whole new level of thinner, slicker, and brighter lettersets that outperforms competitions.
TRACER is small, thin, versatile, and bright. and is offered in 4 shades of white, red, green and blue. The strip can be cut every 3 LEDs and are ideal for indoor low profile channel letter illuminations and window signs. Soldering is necessary for making electrical connections.



• Excellent for extremely low profile channel letters as low as 1″ deep channels.
• Innovative and patented design for maximum flexibility: bendable in all directions!
• Extremely bright – as bright as 260+ lm/ft
• Cuttable every 3 LEDs for maximum flexibility in lengths.
• Save time and cost in lighting up difficult low-profile letters.
• Strict color rank control to maintain consistent color.
• Double-sided tape for easy mounting.
• Dry locations (optional damp location version available).
• UL Listed Component on Sign Accessories Manual.



Bitro Resno Illuminated Architectural Lettering

Introducing RESNO Illuminated Architectural Lettering System by BITRO. RESNO = Cutting Edge Technology + Decades of Workmanship + Signage = Beautiful and stunning signage system that maximize advertisement effect and enhance brand image.
RESNO letters are characterized by thin profile, extremely clean makeup, stateof- the-art workmanship, stunningly bright
and uniform illumination. Holding these letters are like holding a piece of jewelry in your hands. Ideal for retail and service storefronts, corporate headquarters, hospitals, lobbys, etc. It performs anywhere you need maximum visibility and image enhancement. Letters can be facelit, halolit, facelit embossed, sidelit, or in combinations to produce desired effects for signages for indoors and outdoors.
Carefully selected use of quality LED system guarantees reliability, longevity, and color consistency.Bitro Resno Letters 3


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 Resno Letter Product Brochures and Technical Drawings

Resno RS-AC-F2-S Brochure
Resno RS-AC-F2S2-S Brochure
Resno RS-AC-F4-S Brochure
Resno RS-AC-F4S1-S Brochure
Resno RS-AC-FS1-S Brochure
Resno RS-AC-H1-S Brochure
Resno RS-AC-S1-S Brochure
Resno RS-AC-S2-S Brochure
Resno RS-AC-S2-S_1 Brochure
Resno RS-EX-F1-S Brochure
Resno RS-EX-N1-S.pdf Brochure

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