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BTC-DXD-S218A-5CH 5-Channel DMX Decoder

LightSymphony BTC-DXD-S218A-5CH

BTC-DXD-S218A-5CH-S-15-Channel DMX Decoder



The BTC-DXD-S218A-5CH (S218A-5CH) is Bitro’s advanced DMX decoder. The decoder adds multi-channel addressing and dimming ability to standard voltage-driven LEDs for use in any of Bitro’s LightSymphony systems.

Built for robustness and versatility; the S218A-5CH features a multitude of connection options (RJ45, XLR, terminal block), 12-24VDC power input, and full 5A (Class 2) max load rating per channel. The S218A-5CH also includes a digital LCD display with 4-button control for easy adjustment of the various decoder configuration functions.




  • Constant voltage PWM output signal allows compatibility with a wide range of voltage-driven LEDs
  • Standard DMX512 input protocol works with Bitro LightSym- phony systems and other standard DMX-based controllers
  • Multiple configuration options provide users with the ability to fully adjust decoder functions and output to match required application
  • Easy-to-use Digital LCD display and 4-button control
  • 5-channel output with full class 2 (5A) capacity per channel
  • 3 types of input/output connectors (XLR, RJ45, terminal-block) provides for versatile connection and expansion options


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