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Black Body Flash


InstaFlash(Back_header)This is for printers with an automatic press or those who can’t wait to flash. Often referred to as quartz technology, these powerful heating elements are protected by quartz tubes. The speed, strength, and flexibility of this unit makes it our most dynamic flash unit to-date.


  • Reaches Full Power in 1 Second
  • Standby Mode-When no garment is present
  • When a garment is not present
  • Photoeye or Manual triggers
  • Temperature and Air Flow controls
  • The 18″ x 24″ dryer is separated into 3 Zones
  • Up/Down height switch


autoflashOur AutoFlash Dryer with adjustable bracket can fit many automatic presses today. Each model includes one Black Flash® dryer and may be inserted at any print head. The bracket will fit easily onto the floodbar and will shuttle out over the platen as the floodbar moves. The bracket also allows the dryer to be angled so that the dryer face is level with the platen. Lightweight, this model is easily moved to place the flash just where you need it on your press.


Model No. Watts Volts Element Size Shipping Weight
ABF2-3400HC 3383 240 18″ x 18″ 27 lbs.
ABF3-4500HC 4498 240 18″ x 24″ 37 lbs.




The AFFORD-A-FLASH™ is a prerequisite for new screen print shops. It is the ideal flash for startups or a auxillary system. Highlighted by our exemplary Black Body® heater, this unit will more than serve its purpose. Comes standard with a 10 foot cord, stand, and casters.


  • Black Body Heater Element
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Stand and Casters
  • Heater Head Adjustment Lever
  • 2 sizes
  • 16″ x 16″ or 18″ x 18″


Black Flash



Introduced in 1982, the Black Flash® has become the preferred flash/cure unit in the screen print industry. Consistent heat radiation over the entire element surface ensures every print is properly flashed or cured. And we sell a wide range of sizes, wattages, and voltages. Made to last, the Black Flash® is built to be your all purpose dryer for many years.