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Bitro RGB Lattice

The Lattice RGB

LatticeRGBLED Matrix Lighting System for Sign Cabinets


All-new LATTICE RGB is a marriage of Bitro’s two signature lighting solutions; LATTICE matrix and RGB Full Color lightings. It provides even distribution of internally illuminated color lighting through a matrix of 3-in-1 RGB LEDs which are placed on a flexible and lightweight modules, packed in rolls, creating a scalable implementation of dynamic full color illumination. The LATTICE RGB is ideal for illuminating large-scale custom light boxes. Labor intensive and costly method of using chain LED modules or flexible tape to produce satisfactory color lighting is simply too difficult and unreliable. The LATTICE RGB provides a guaranteed lighting uniformity and color consistency, at a fraction of time it takes to install. Bitro can also offer our customers various configurations and form factors to accommodate varied project requirements of backlit applications based on depth, brightness, substrate and cost. TheLATTICE RGB is available in 2′ W x 10′ L and 1′ W x 10′ L rolls, used in dry and damp locations.

LATTICE RGB Series features

•  All-new LATTICE in full color version.
•  Versatile lighting solution for light boxes, sign cabinets, storefront glasses, or ceiling lighting.
•  Constant Current Technology for optimal color consis- tency.
•  Control with standard 24V RGB controllers and Bitro’ DMX control system.
•  Easy installation.
•  Use with 24V LED power supplies.
•  For dry and damp applications.
•  UL Recognized.
•  2 Year Warranty.
•  Patent-pending innovative design.

Download the Lattice RGB Brochure