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Bitro PrimeTrack Series

Bitro PrimeTrack Series

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Bitro’s new PRIME Track is a cost-effective method to populate your signs for both retrofitting existing fluorescent light boxes and newly constructed fixtures. Using Bitro’s new OpticsPRIME 24 Defender modules, PRIME Track significantly reduces labor costs.
Offered in standard sizes, both single and double sided, fully assembled, for your fluorescent retrofit needs. PRIME Track is available to purchase in seperate components to build custom signs. The PRIME Track System in conjunction with OpticsPRIME modules is a versatile, cost effective lighting system for many sign applications.

Use less modules, less power supplies, and less labor with the new PRIME Track!



  • LED module based track fixture system for efficient lighting at an affordable cost
  • Easy to use socket end caps and mounting brackets.
  • Driven by Bitro’s popular OpticsPRIME 24 series modules known for it’s robust performance and reliability
  • Specialized track system specifically engineered for both retrofit and new sign applications. Provides better heat distribution and fixture rigidity compared to competitors.
  • Backed by 5-year warranty