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Company History

There was never a “Martin”, but Bob was fearful if he named the business after himself, customers would know he was the owner and would ask him for credit. Bob would tell them, “I’ll need to check with the boss on that.” Afterall, in those post depression times, credit was hard to come by. Martin Supply Company began servicing the Mid Atlantic region and continues to do so today. Bob sold the business in 1984 to its current owner, Victor Lebow. Building upon what Bob started in 1942, Martin Supply Company has remained true to its founding principles; to provide excellent service with quality products to the Sign, Screenprinting and Digital Imaging Industries.

Bob passed away on June 6th, 2005, just a week prior to his 94th birthday. We all miss him terribly. Surely he’s already installed an automatic opener on the pearly gates and put on a fresh coat of paint.

Our highly trained technical staff and outstanding customer service is why the largest screenprinters and sign manufacturers in our region turn to Martin Supply as a trusted partner and resource when they need support.

The Lambert Co. has been servicing the New England marketplace with the finest materials and services for the screenprinting and graphic imaging industries for over 100 years. Lamberts opened its doors in Boston in 1896 as a supplier of gold ingots for Goldbeaters to pound into goldleaf. That was the beginning of Lamberts evolution as one of the first true sign and screenprinting supply companies in the United States . Paul Consilvio acquired Lamberts in the 1920’s and with his relationships with other industry pioneers like Joe Ulano and Joseph Podgor, introduced the earliest stencil making materials to the modern day screenprinting industry.

Martin Supply Co. acquired Lamberts in 1996 from Paul Consilvio. It was important to Paul that whomever bought his company ran it with the same level of integrity and commitment to the New England market that he demonstrated for over 70 years. We have continued where Paul left off and believe that Lambert Co. is once again positioned as the leader in both products and technical expertise to the screenprinting and digital printing industries in New England. In 2018 the Lamberts name was retired and now does business in New England under the Martin Supply Co. name.

If it has been a while since you last gave us a call, I urge you to call us again. Martin Supply is focused on one thing, the success of our customers. How we get there is the fun part.

If your experience dealing with Martin Supply Co. was informative, efficient and pleasurable I would love to hear about it. If it was anything less than perfect I would really like to know feel free to call me at the office anytime or E-mail me at victor3@martin-supply[dot]com.