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DMX Decoders

DMX 512 Decoder Rj45,12-36vdc, RGB-W 4-channel, 4x8a/ch

Product Description

Our 4 Channel DMX to RGB-W Controller is an excellent affordable choice for lighting and video professionals who require a very smooth color changing effect without a noticeable refresh rate.
It converts DMX signal to RGBW and it is highly configurable with several adjustable settings. Thanks to the crisp LED display screen, these settings can be easily adjusted to give you the best output for your application. In addition, this heavy-duty DMX512 controller is constructed with a robust metal housing that has mounting tabs on each side easy installation. It is designed with an RJ45 input/output port for easy connectivity. It can easily be daisy chained (inter-connected) with multiple units or connect to a DMX Console.

Download the Product Overview

Download the Datasheet

Download the Manual


  • DMX512 to RGBW Controller
  • Powerful 4 X 8A Outputs
  • RJ45 in/out port for easy DMX connection
  • Maximum power of 1152W at 36V DC
  • Output refresh rates of 200 & 1500Hz
  • Visual display for easy coniguration
  • Linear and logarithmic dimming
  • Excellent for audiovisual applications
  • Ability to combine output channels


DMX 512 Decoder Rj45,12-24vdc, RGB-WA 5-channel, 5x8a/ch

Product Description

Our 5 Channel DMX512 and RDM Decoder is a state of the art high end Decoder that converts DMX and RDM signal to RGBWA. It has a built-in visible digital display that is user friendly for easy setting or configuration adjustments. The unit offers the best and most reliable configurations for a quality and licker-free lighting display on audiovisual applications. This DMX & RDM Decoder has a variety of DMX input and output signal options including XLR5, RJ45, or detachable screw down connectors. This allows user to connect the Decoder to any type of DMX Fixtures or DMX Products.
With output Channels for both White and Amber this product is an excellent choice for using RGB with White or Amber to offer you a much wider range of color creation in the thousands including pastel colors.

Download the Product Overview
Download the Product Manual


  • DMX512 Decoder with Remote Device Management (RDM) capability.
  • Metal housing for durability with integrated tabs for easy mounting.
  • 5 adjustable output channels that are settable from 1CH – 5CH.
  • LED screen with button controls for easy parameter setting.
  • Multiple kinds of DMX input/output ports: RJ 45, XLR, Detachable Screw-down Terminal Blocks.
  • 5 x 8Amps Output Channels and a common Anode to drive up to 960W at 24V DC
  • PWM frequency of 500 – 30000Hz to remove any lickers in audiovisual applications.
  • Several Gamma values settable from 0.1 to 9.9 for ultra-precise output dimming.
  • Multiple kinds of Decoding mode for DMX input processing and mapping.
  • Interchangeable PWM output resolution ratio of 8-bit or 16-bit.
  • Converts DMX Signals to RGBWA
  • Great For Audiovisual Applications
  • UL Listed Product For Safety and Durability
  • Flicker Free Output Performance
  • Bright LED Display For Easy Setup
  • Selectable 8-Bit or 16-Bit PWM Ratios
  • Adjustable PWM Frequency (500Hz – 30000Hz)
  • Fully Adjustable Micro-Dimming
  • 12-24V DC Operation
  • 5 x 8amps Channels
  • Max Power of 960W at 24V DC

DMX 512 Decoder Rj45,12-36vdc, RGB-W 12-channel, 12x5a/ch




















Our 12 Channel Decoder is a heavy-duty decoder that converts DMX and RDM signal to RGBW. The 12 Channel decoder has a high-power output capability and is loaded with powerful adjustable settings. It also has Remote Device Management (RDM) capability with which it can communicate to any RDM capable consoles or fixtures to remotely control them.
When connected to a DMX Console, the decoder works to decode DMX signals from the console to control LED fixtures. However, it also has a standalone capability through which it can work perfectly without a console. The standalone mode includes pre-saved light scenes that can be played and adjusted easily through the digital display screen.
The decoder offers a larger selection of DMX Input/ Output options including XLR3, RJ45, or screw terminals. This allows user to connect the decoder to any type of DMX fixture or console.

Download the Manual

Download the Product Data Sheet


  • DMX512 to RGBW Decoder
  • Great for Complete Flicker-Free Performance
  • Powerful 12 X 5A Output Channels That Can Run Up to 3 sets of RGBW Fixtures
  • Maximum Power Output of 720W at 12V DC and 1440W at 24V DC
  • Excellent Choice for Audiovisual Applications
  • Adjustable PWM Frequency/Refresh Rate (500Hz – 30000Hz)
  • Crisp numeric display for easy configuration
  • Selectable 8-bit or 16-bit PWM ratios for the best output resolution
  • Micro-dimming function for ultra-precise color mixing
  • Adjustable Gamma Dimming Curves to select for your specific application
  • Multiple Input/output connections including RJ45, XLR and Screw-down Terminal

DMX Wireless Transmitter Receiver

2-4G-Wireless-DMX-512-Our Wireless Transmitter/Receiver is used in any LED lighting installation that requires the use of DMX technology for lighting control. Until now, any DMX enabled LED lighting fixture, had to be wired with DMX cable in order to control the lights. This becomes a problem when there are long distances between the control system and the lights. Using our DMX  Transmission and Receiver System, DMX enabled lights can be controlled easily up to 2100 feet away. The unit has 16 different selectable ID Groups, which can be easily selected in order to have many units working in the same environment without interfering each other. This is especially useful when there are big installations being done which require many channels or DMX units to work in different configurations.


  • Can Be Used As Transmitter Or Receiver
  • Can Be Used As A Data Repeater Over Long Distances
  • 2.4Ghz ISM Transmission Technology
  • (2)x(8) Bit LCD Backlit Display
  • Four Output Power Levels
  • Max Transmission Distance 2100 Feet Un-Obstructed
  • 126 Frequency Hopping Auto Selection And Channel Lock
  • Up To (16) Different ID Groups For Big Installations
  • Max Transmitting Power 20DBM
  • Receiving Sensitivity: -94DBM
  • DMX Signal Terminal Three Pin Female Male XLR

Possible Configurations


Download the Overview and Installation Manual