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Tri-Loc “I” series

M&R Global™ has developed a precision registration system for the Copperhead line of presses, the Tri-Loc “I” series system is built on the same foundational principles as the original Tri-Loc by M&R. This registration equipment is specifically created to integrate with the Copperhead
automatic screen printing presses and allows for drastically reduced set up times. The Tri-Loc achieves enormous time savings during screen printing setups by standardizing the location of exposed images on all screens in multi-color jobs. Setups that used to take over an hour can be finalized in minutes. With efficient practice and refined use of the Tri-Loc “I”, a printer can setup and run many jobs in one step without costly added registration time on the production floor when the press could be printing the order instead of moving screens around. As screen print volumes on an average order continue to shrink, and the volume of short run orders increase, the
necessity for using a registration system can make the difference between a profit or a loss on complex orders. An additional advantage to using a Tri-Loc system is that, with the possibility of faster setups printers can store less screens since they can remake and set them up faster, which saves on space and allows for more competitive pricing on short runs with smaller profit margins. Another measure of printer success can be the ability to stage multiple jobs, when stream-lining of setups allow for more jobs to be completed in a production shift. If you have any questions about the value of using the Tri-Loc registration system, just ask the thousands of printers who swear by the system, and would never setup a multi-color job without it.


Download the Datasheet


  • Simple to learn, setup and use, with sizes to fit the standard textile frames.
  • Huge savings in setup times on multi-color screen print jobs
  • Standardizes the location of screen images into precise, repeatable registration on every screen in complex prints
  • All necessary equipment and training included to get up to speed quickly


triloc_overviewTri-Loc and Double Tri-Loc
No other registration system offers the ease of use and accuracy of M&R’s patented Tri-Loc and Double Tri-Loc, M&R’s revolutionary Rapid Registration Systems. And Tri-Locs are key components in System Integration™. By designing products that work together seamlessly—products like Tri-Loc & Double Tri-Loc, NuArc’s Tri-Light exposure units, Chameleon and Sidewinder Manual Presses, and all M&R textile automatic presses—M&R equipment provides faster setup, improved quality, increased productivity, and enhanced profitability.