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Sefar Green Screen System

Green Screen System

The GreenScreen product family is the most innovative screen making offering for t-shirt and garment printers since the advent of the roller frame. These screen products not only reduce the costs of printing textiles, but also reduce the time required to prepare.


GreenScreen TraxScreen

Lock into the GreenScreen, exclusively available from Sefar. GreenScreen is equipped with a new advanced patented locking system, making stretching screens easier than ever before.

  • Made with recycled metal
  • Uses less metal than standard frames
  • Reusable frame
  • No adhesive
  • Less shipping


GreenScreen RollerScreen

The GreenScreen RollerScreen has made stretching roller frames as easy as possible. Simply snap the locking strip into the roller frame channel and tension to completion in minutes. When combined with the ACME Stretcher, screens are made within minutes to precise tension levels with minimal operator training required.


Acme Stretcher

The simple and cost effective roller frame stretching device takes the difficulties out of making screens. Use it in con- junction with the GreenScreen RollerScreen, and stretch screens to high tension levels in only a minute or two.

GreenScreen TraxScreen

The revolutionary design of the TraxScreen allows the garment printer to achieve industry standard tension levels with a patented locking mechanism.
The mesh panel, manufactured exclusively with SEFAR ApparelMesh, is equipped with a locking device on each side. This locking device is easily fitted to the sides of the master frame.
Using a specially designed tensioning tool, the locking device is easily leveraged into place onto the master frame. Two levels of tension are possible.
To release the mesh from the master frame, simply cut it out,
or reverse the process with the tensioning tool. Stretching a TraxFrame screen to industry standard tension levels can easily be done in a minute or two – with no adhesive, no expensive equipment, and no operator experience required!


GreenScreen RollerScreen

The GreenScreen RollerScreen uses a mechanical bonding method, providing more resistance to solvent, in comparison
to other types.









Acme Stretcher

The ACME Stretcher does not require any air or power supply, it’s innovative design allows you to easily stretch screens –
so they are level when they are done.










Download the PDF Factsheet